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The COLORIFICIO DAMIANI si an Italian company founded in 1975 , manufacture of INDUSTRIAL PAINTS that since over 40 years puts at disposal of the market innovative quality products in the industrial field.
Nowadays DAMIANI represents a company presents on the Italian market with a full net of sales agents and distributors and on the International market with resales in France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland , Russian Federation.

Our MISSION is identify and satisfy the needs of resales and industries, developing forefront paints in quality, environmental safeguard and safety.

The DIRECTIONS OF EMPLOY of our paints include the painting of agriculture machines, industrial vehicles, metal furniture for industry, metal surfaces for heavy and light metal frames, rail and trams metal containers, small parts, radiators, support the painting contractors who work for companies that do not have a paint shop in-house.

We PRODUCE in the new building realized in 2002 (44.000m of total area , 6.000 m covered area) built following the newest concepts of equipment and safety that allows the production of more than 2.000 tons of paints per year.

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